Modelling in Operations Research



Semester 1, 2020


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Emphasises the relationship between business and industrial applications and their associated operations research models. Software packages will be used to solve practical problems. Topics such as: linear programming, transportation and assignment models, network algorithms, queues, inventory models, simulation, analytics and visualisation will be considered.
Prerequisite: 15 points at Stage I in Statistics or Mathematics or EngineeringRestriction: STATS 255

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Linear Programming: Be able to formulate linear programs mathematically and in Excel from a problem description, and interpret the resulting output. Comprehend and interpret sensitivity analysis output. Understand and apply integer, non-linear, transportation, transshipment and maximum flow formulations.

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Assignment 1
Assignment 2

Decision Making and Data Analytics: Decision analysis, accounting for uncertainty. Data analytics techniques in R including data visualisation and data wrangling. Descriptive and predictive analytics, including the classification of data using classification trees, random forests and naive Bayes.

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Assignment 3
Assignment 4

Simulation: Understand and apply simulation of random processes in R. Comprehension and understanding of random number generation and distributions; the Poisson process; revenue management and inventory management models; queues. Optimisation in simulation; common random numbers.

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Assignment 5



5 assignments, 1 test, 1 exam

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